To serve by soothing

What is Harp Therapy?

Musical Massages

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the vibrations of a full spectrum instrument like the harp? Here's your chance to enjoy a private harp therapy session. Tammy can set up a chair harp massage where client can absorb the fullest vibration of the low and high ends of a reverberating connection giving a total sonic experience. 

Finding Peace

The soothing tones of the harp can help give listeners an emotional release, provide comfort and face truths deeply hidden in the heart. True peace can be found and can live within you. Contact Tammy to learn more and experience peace. 


Playing by ear on a small therapy harp allows Tammy to be mobile and access small areas providing harp therapy in just about any setting but especially at the bedside. Ideal for patients in hospice, at home, skilled nursing facilities, assisted and independent residences and infusion rooms.

Benefits of Harp Therapy

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